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Your First VisitWhat to Expect

Please call (559) 431-6197 to schedule an appointment. Your first visit with us is usually the longest, with an average time of about two hours in the office. Please plan to arrive thirty minutes early for your first visit to complete necessary registration forms. We also ask that you bring your prior medical records, medications, blood glucose meter, insurance card, photo identification card (such as your driver’s license), and physician referral if available. In an effort to assist you in expediting  the collection this information , we have provided the required forms for download at the bottom of this page. If you are unable to print these we will gladly email or mail them to you at your request.

Your first visit will include an interview, examination, and tests. We do not often provide a firm opinion about a patient’s condition on their first visit. In our area of medicine, it is usually necessary to conduct laboratory or other tests before a diagnosis or treatment recommendation can be given, which may take several visits. The results of your tests may be complicated, which is why we will review them with you during your next appointment instead of over the phone.

You are welcome to have family or friends accompany you to your appointment. However, we will not discuss anything about your condition with your family member or friend unless you are present and unless you provide us with specific written authorization to do so.

Sierra Endocrine Associates strives to adhere to our patients’ schedules. We generally are able to begin working with you within thirty minutes of your appointment time. The longest wait you might experience is less than one hour. We value the time of our patients, as we know they value ours.

Patient Portal

Your can access your medical record by clicking here

Sierra Endocrine Patient Portal

AACE COVID Guideline for Diabetes Patients



At Sierra Endocrine Associates we  hold firmly to the principle that our greatest asset is the ability to listen to the needs of our patients. Each member of our team is committed to delivering care in a compassionate, patient-centered environment. You will meet with a member of our team who will take a thorough history of your heath, review available testing and information and explain the process  for going forward.


At Sierra Endocrine Associates we can perform most of the diagnostic testing needed to help us diagnose and monitor your endocrine condition including neck ultrasound, ultrasound guided needle biopsy, state of the art osteoporosis fracture risk assessment with bone densitometry, lateral vertebral fracture analysis and trabecular bone score. In  addition at our California Licensed reference laboraroty we can collect and run most  laboratory testing on site that we need to evaluate and monitor your condition.



After a thorough evaluation treatment options, risks, benefits and side effects of medications are discussed and then  recommendations are made. If Surgery is needed we will advise and refer to highly skilled and experiened surgeons.


After establishing a teatment plan a follow up and monitoring schedule will be discussed and initiated. Our team of physicans, nurse practitioners, physican assistantes, registered dietitians, registered nurses, bone densitomitrests all participate in implementing and monitoring your care.